February Workshop

Five days of free family fun arts activities for February half term.

At St Andrews Arts Centre,
Royal Pier Rd, Gravesend.
Doors open at 10.00am to 3.30pm

Monday the 17th of February
Sonia Montes

Create Inspiring Art from Nature and natural materials.
All ages welcome!

Tuesday the 18th of February
Dan Simpson

Come and write innovative poetry/ try out some performance techniques too with Canterbury Poet Laureate, Dan. You will find your voice, both on the page and the stage.
Age 11 plus!

Wednesday the 19th of February
Wendy Robinson

Have lots of fun with abstract flow paint effects.. Spinning: pouring: swiping. See what can achieve.
All ages welcome!

Thursday the 20th of February
Fiona Spirals

Ripping Landscapes by Fiona
Making pictures from magazines is a lot of fun!
Come & explore collage like you have never experienced before! We will work using images from nature: landscapes, birds & animals. I’ll be there to guide you all the way!

Website www.fionaspirals.co.uk

Suitable for all ages, materials provided.

Friday the 20th of February
Lauren Mills 10.00am to 4.00pm

Fun and friendly drama exercises and games to get us out of our heads and into our funny bones. No experience necessary, wear loose, comfy clothing and bring along a pad, pen and one random, inanimate object.
Age 11 plus!