Night Walking North Kent 2018

Night Walking North Kent Festival. April 19-22 2018

“the city is at its most earthly and unearthly at night.” (M. Beaumont NightWalking 2017: 2)
This unique festival of nocturnal walking, offers 4 days of curated walks, art, talks and
exploration across North Kent starting at the end /beginning of Inspiral Trail, bringing the
Inspiral experience back to Gravesham. By reimagining the long-distance night walks of Dickens
– from central London to Gads Hill – Inspiral creates other journeys of wild, ludic and
untrammeled adventure*.

Working alongside Inspiral associate artists, local groups and enthusiasts – the Night Walking
festival – curates a collection of accessible, informative and entertaining public walks, with events
and public artworks, as we reclaim the streets together. Expect to meet the eminent
orniphilosopher J D Swann, radical Quakers, a resurrected General Gordan, nocturnal fauna
and tall taled, lantern-lit muddy Thames monsters. Or following in the footsteps of Charles
Dickens and other Ghost story writers join Sarah Sparkes’ for a night of legendary Ghost

Walks and experiences for all ages are interspersed with performances, events and
interventions. Join us as amateur naturalist, historian, archaeologist or simple moonwalker, to
scour the night time, and prepare to be enlightened, amazed, challenged as we explore
together the rich and overlapping histories of the area by day and by night. The night walking is
an inclusive, fun way to explore and re-imagine our urban/semi-urban lives as we range across
Gravesham and Dartford knocking on the ground, turning up the unexpected and the

As Gravesham Artist and Director Inspiral Charlie Fox claims: “Walking, a practice of on the
ground mapping, allows us to imagine together other cities, different times, and worlds, as we
confront the reality of our ever-changing metropoles.” Opening the Inspiral metropolitan trail
to the public, this 300-mile artist designed trail explores and exposes the unique connections
that crisscross the expanding London Metropole. Inspiral seeks to foster a shared enthusiasm
for exploration through hospitality, curated walks and artistic researches; re-imagining the built
environment, as a place of extraordinary variety, contrast and potential by creating a walking
trail through places we no longer see or have forgotten.

Or email
Director Charlie Fox mob. 07748655103