Sponsored Artist of The Year

For the second year, Gravesham Arts is sponsoring an Artist, applications are now open for the year, April 2018 to April 2019.
The funding will be £1,000 of which £500 is for materials and exhibitions/shows and £500 for artistic skills and time.
We invite applications from all genres of the arts to apply, applications from individuals or groups will be considered.
Over the year the selected artist or group, will develop work and events to take place at St Andrews Arts Centre or are closely related to Gravesham and St Andrews Arts Centre.
Additionally the Artist will be expected to run a minimum of two one-day workshops during the year and have some kind of outcome at the end of the sponsored time.
We are expecting personal growth and development throughout the year.
Please outline your proposals and ideas. Gravesham Arts are always interested in new approaches.
Your application, including details of your proposal, with your name address and contact details should be sent to Liz Howe lizhowe@blueyonder.co.uk
By 28th February 2018.